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How to value a company

Some make startups with the initial goal of selling it for crazy amounts of money because they have an exit strategy. Some people are investors who invest and buy established profitable companies. Other people run a business or would like … Continue reading

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Magazines for web developers, graphic designers and photographers

Although much valuable information for all sorts of web and print professionals can be found online, it is often difficult to weed through all the noise and find good quality content. I believe it’s vital that professionals in different creative … Continue reading

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Earn $2 CPM for blogging

When it comes to making money online from your blog, nothing comes better than earning $2 CPM. That’s $2 for every thousand page views. Cost Per M as in 1000 in roman numerals. Unfortunately, only US traffic will count towards … Continue reading

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Facebook is officially the worst advertising platform

Microsoft has paid $240m (£117m) for a 1.6% stake in Facebook that values the hugely popular social networking site at $15bn (£7.3bn). Facebook spurned an offer from Microsoft’s rival Google, which was also keen to invest the site. But is … Continue reading

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Which is the best social networking network?

It is possible to make money creating social networking applications. But is the effort worth it? You can use the api’s once you’ve learn them to create applications for Facebook, Orkut, Bebo, Myspace and Hi5. But is it a good … Continue reading

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What cpm is your Facebook application making?

As Facebook application developers experiment with different ad networks for the Facebook Platform (like Social Media, Lookery, Buddy Media, Cubics, fbExchange, RockYou, Offerpal Media, Google AdSense, Zohark, AdChap, AdBlade, VideoEgg, and more), everyone’s asking the same question: What is everybody … Continue reading

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Looking for ad networks

If you’re looking to earn money from your blog. You need some ad networks. But which ones are the best, and will help you earn more money? Find out at MoreGs

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