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What Facebook’s new Page design means for you

What is it with Facebook and their constant redesigning of the site? They’re always redesigning the site to adapt to the market trends and how people are using it. I can see what they are trying to do, enforce a … Continue reading

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Gawker Media ruined itself

The new Gizmodo website. Terrible.

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Styling select form fields with JQuery

Here’s another thing cool for the web designers. There’s now a JQuery plugin you can use to style your textboxes with. I don’t have a use for it, as I’ve been using CSS to style select form fields for years, … Continue reading

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Vector Social Networking Icons

Below are some lovely glossy social media icons. They have 32px and 16px sizes, but you can scale it to whatever size you want, right? You get the zip file with all the different file formats like gif, png, eps, … Continue reading

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Magazines for web developers, graphic designers and photographers

Although much valuable information for all sorts of web and print professionals can be found online, it is often difficult to weed through all the noise and find good quality content. I believe it’s vital that professionals in different creative … Continue reading

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Picmeleo: a very pretty, but not functionally fantastic, embeddable Web 2.0 photo editor

Fortunately enough for our sensitivities the ooooh-it’s-so-pretty-especially-the-reflections-but-what-does-it-do??? Web 2.0 craze has petered out. Only a couple of years ago you could hardly move for rounded corners and the godforsaken ‘pop up dialog boxes’. Today, probably thanks to Google, sweet and … Continue reading

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Find out the dpi of an image

DPI stands for dots per inch. This value is more associated with videos and has indirect reference for images in terms of their horizontal and vertical image resolution. DPI value of an image is important parameter of any photographer or … Continue reading

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40 Beautiful Free Icon Sets

Some of the best things in life are free. When it comes to icons and icon sets, there are many talented designers and artists that choose to provide beautiful and useful icon sets for commercial and/or personal usage. In this … Continue reading

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50 Excellent Icon Design Tutorials

Icons are essential in any graphical user interface. They are effective visual cues for performing tasks or navigating to a certain location. There are many resources online that can help and inspire you in your own icon designs and – … Continue reading

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30 High-Quality Icon Sets for E-Commerce Designs

E-commerce web design brings some unique requirements, and this usually includes the need for specific icons such as shopping carts, credit cards, and others related to the online shopping experience. In this article, we feature 30 sets of quality icons … Continue reading

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