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A History of Facebook Designs: Part 2

This is the year that the Facebook users really protested.Part 1

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A History of Facebook Designs: Part 1

  Facebook is that one website that adapts itself to how people are using the product. This is one thing that makes their product truly unique. As part of being the disruptive yet adapting product that it is, it has … Continue reading

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Guide for writing quality content

I was at a webinar (web seminar) about Google’s new algorithm update called Panda which is designed to penalise content farms such as AOL and Demand Media, and it taught me how to optimise my blog for quality. Basically, people … Continue reading

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Why Google search is amazing

Sometimes when doing a web search, looking for something obscure or something that’s not pronounced, you might be amazed that you actually got the result you wanted straight away, without any hassle. I’m a web developer, so I’m always searching … Continue reading

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Rebranding isn’t an substitute for not marketing

I was doing a survey, and I was asked which of the following designs for Ting drink I liked the best. It’s a carbonated drink made with real Jamaican grapefruit. Below are the options I had to choose from. I … Continue reading

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What Facebook’s new Page design means for you

What is it with Facebook and their constant redesigning of the site? They’re always redesigning the site to adapt to the market trends and how people are using it. I can see what they are trying to do, enforce a … Continue reading

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Gawker Media ruined itself

The new Gizmodo website. Terrible.

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Scraped Content Comes To Its End

Google has been critised in what they call a spate of stories about the bad quality of their search results, so they’ve decided to do something about it. Now they’re going to penalise websites which have been scraping content, copying … Continue reading

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Simple PHP Captcha Script

Is there any website that isn’t using Recaptcha – apart from Google? It’s successful for 2 reasons. 1, because it’s an easy captcha solution, before that I could only find hard to implement ones that I couldn’t make work. 2, … Continue reading

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Styling select form fields with JQuery

Here’s another thing cool for the web designers. There’s now a JQuery plugin you can use to style your textboxes with. I don’t have a use for it, as I’ve been using CSS to style select form fields for years, … Continue reading

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