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A History of Facebook Designs: Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2 2009

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Introduction to css grid layouts

[image coming soon] Who remembers the days in the 1990s, when you would design a website in Photoshop, slice it, then have it fit into a table? In those times it was impressive to have content in an ever expanding … Continue reading

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Spammers using Facebook to send emails

I use Gmail,  so I don’t get much spam reaching my inbox. However when it does I quickly mark it as spam. One day I was checking my emails, and I noticed a weird email from Facebook. It was someone … Continue reading

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How to value a company

Some make startups with the initial goal of selling it for crazy amounts of money because they have an exit strategy. Some people are investors who invest and buy established profitable companies. Other people run a business or would like … Continue reading

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The alternative that uses the alternative

I got an email the recently about some sort of competition I could enter by entering the alternative to Facebook. The email was worded so bad, I thought that the website itself was an alternative to Facebook. How I got … Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketers Step Up Their Game

Those affiliate marketers, they’re always stepping up their game aren’t they? Yes I know they are. Google releases all these algorithm changes, yet they always have ways of profiting from niches and doing SEO. I’m on a mailing list of … Continue reading

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Bing will kill link building

When web developers like me think about SEO, I’m most likely thinking about marking up content with semantic tags. For a SEO expert, they’re thinking about link building, the sort of people you go to, if you want to be … Continue reading

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Shift Logos

There’s a new trend in logos which gives simplistic shapes a sense of depth and movement by using transparent overlays of colour to simulate the effect of 3d glasses. The effect is really clever, as it applies special qualities to the … Continue reading

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Is Mac OS X Lion Ahead of Its Time?

Keeping in with its two-year release cycle, the new version of Mac OS X takes the operating system into a new direction. It involves them getting their thinking from iOS devices, and bringing it to the Mac. A compelling reason … Continue reading

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Microsoft has always been the corporation that’s suffering from an identity crisis. I don’t believe this is the case anymore, but still they’re a company too ashamed to put their name on the Xbox. I don’t hate on Microsoft though. … Continue reading

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