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A History of Facebook Designs: Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2


facebook homepage tour 2009

Here’s a clean look at the upcoming Facebook homepage redesign that will go live next week. The new design will give users the ability to easily feed the news stream by friend type and network, and gives users a much easier way to post links, photos and videos. The news feed will also begin updating in real time without page refreshes. See more here. CEO Mark Zuckerberg also wrote a blog post summarizing the changes here.

More screenshots below. The third one shows the new home page compared to the existing version.

One thing that people did in 2009, is make sure that the block of text on the left had something snappy in it, or to sum up what they did if they were offering commercial services. Below are some profiles of 2009. Remember when you was allowed to use Applications for your tabs? I was so disappointed when that was taken away.



2009 facebook profile 2


Mark Zuckerberg admitted around that time, that he spent too much time trying to emulate Twitter with its layout and the filters. The filters soon went, and then Facebook went back on concentrating on being Facebook. [source cannot be found]


facebook notifications

One thing we can all agree on, is that we all love getting Facebook notifications.


Here's what the home page looked like.

The motivation for redesigning the profile pages, was to give the website consistency, to bring it in line with the design of the Facebook events page, along with all the other pages on Facebook.


facebook event

facebook place

And this was after Facebook Places shut down. Competing with Foursquare failed. And who can forget the chat bar on the side?

facebook 2011 profile design

Here's what user profiles looked like in 2011. This image was taken 11/08/2012


This is when the timeline came out. The Facebook is in full swing right now, so there is no need for this blog post to be cataloguing it. That will be done when that design is outdated. You can find more information on the timeline here, from Facebook. There is no Part 4 yet.

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