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Spammers using Facebook to send emails

Facebook message spam

I use Gmail,  so I don’t get much spam reaching my inbox. However when it does I quickly mark it as spam. One day I was checking my emails, and I noticed a weird email from Facebook. It was someone I didn’t know. Here’s what I saw in my inbox.

Marie Lopez - Conversation with Marie Lopez and others
Andria Reed – Conversation with Andria Reed and others

I’ve no idea who those people are, and the emails looked strange, but I knew it was a Facebook email by the subject, so I was interested in seeing what it was. Judging by the names and weird email preview, I knew there something dodgy about it. I opened it and it was spam.

facebook email spam message

I had never seen a Facebook email address being used to send spam before. The spammer must have a high believability rate, as the email had skipped my spam filter. Now that I think about it, Facebook email addresses are much more quicker to get than Gmail and Hotmail ones, and they can be utilised for spamming efficently. I wonder if Facebook knows about this problem.

My email has appeared on a public email scraping list, so because the email was sent to many email addresses beginning with the letter a, should have been enough to flag the profile account as a spammer. I wonder if the account already got flagged, as I got another such email from Andria Reed two days afterwards. The original account must have been banned.

What I like the most about these spam emails is that they’re sent from female names to increase the open rate. This is not the self-proclaimed email killer that Mark Zuckerberg had hoped for.

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