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I got an email the recently about some sort of competition I could enter by entering the alternative to Facebook. The email was worded so bad, I thought that the website itself was an alternative to Facebook. How I got the email is by my email being leased from another mailing list.The email says Add alternative to spending time on Facebook and win. I didn’t read the rest of the email as I thought the email was advertising a Facebook alternative. I just had to see what it was. I went on the website and saw this. uses facebook

Now going on the website, I finally realise what it is. It’s a website called that lets uses find alternatives for their favourite or unfavourable websites. The competition they’re running is to let people give alternatives to Facebook on their site. The competition is doing well as I looked at the leaderboard.

As I’m a web designer, I found the website interesting, because the design is bad. The design is bad because it isn’t so clear about what to do. Before I clicked the What to do to win link, I thought that any submissions could count towards a user’s points to their competition points. (The person with the most points wins the competition.) How wrong I was. Only submissions of Facebook alternatives are counted towards the contest.

The design is bad, but the ideas for the website is good. If you want to learn about what not to do, you can visit the website.

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