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Shift Logos

There’s a new trend in logos which gives simplistic shapes a sense of depth and movement by using transparent overlays of colour to simulate the effect of 3d glasses. The effect is really clever, as it applies special qualities to the branding that the company is trying to go for. Design Festival has a good article about it. Here are some good examples of Shift logos.

double vision logo

mosquito logo


one journal logo

The Shift logo style’s roots lie in print rather than web design  and they appear as transparent overlays of color. The shift look appears  as letters or objects in RGB or CMYK, appearing as though they are  misregistered or printed incorrectly. These logos tend to have limited  colors and a very clean look despite the overlapping layers. In the case  using pastel colors, the logos look gentle and peaceful, while the  logos using reds and dark pinks have a 3D quality about them. That is 3D  without wearing 3D glasses.

While the images in logos are obviously static, the shift look gives  them a sense of movement or motion which is eye-??catching. On first  glance these identities look like several elements blending into one, or  conversely, one element breaking into several pieces.


Now don’t you all see this trend and get on the bandwagon of it. This trend seeping into 99designs would be a catastrophe, or maybe not because all that happens there is plagiarised logos that businesses can’t legally trademark or patent. Logo design is a skill, and it requires you have a design agency make your logo, so they can conduct their research and understand your brand. A fancy logo that doesn’t convey brand values is a wasted logo.

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