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Bing will kill link building

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When web developers like me think about SEO, I’m most likely thinking about marking up content with semantic tags. For a SEO expert, they’re thinking about link building, the sort of people you go to, if you want to be number 1 on Google*.

The first 10 results on Bing have less backlinks than the ones on Google. This makes Bing a threat, as Bing is primarily ranking pages on factors other than backlinks, such as the content of the page. This is something that Google cannot do so well. Google is better at long tail searches though.

Knowing that Bing uses less backlinks than Google, I asked a question to SEO expert, Dave Cain. As Bing uses less backlinks on the first 10 results than Google, does that mean that if Bing becomes the dominant search engine, that link building won’t be effective anymore?

Your right in saying Bing uses less backlinks as they much prefer themed links (and other signals like domain age etc), unlike Google who do favour themed links but diversity helps as well.

In terms of Bing becoming the number 1 search engine, they are doing some pretty neat stuff at the moment, especially for businesses that advertise via the PPC network from the tests I have seen. I believe they still have work to do on there algorithm but saying that, according to Hitwise, they are chipping into the market share.

In my opinion Google will be the market leader for sometime but if Bing did ever become as big as Google, link building may become a thing of the past – algorithms and SEO techniques change so often, look how Panda has changed things recently!

*A SEO expert can only make you score number 1 in Google for uncompetitive long tail keywords, not short tail keywords.

So it looks like I’m right when I said that Bing would kill link building if it ever got prominence.

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