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Affiliate Marketers Step Up Their Game

affiliate marketers step it up in 2011

Those affiliate marketers, they’re always stepping up their game aren’t they? Yes I know they are. Google releases all these algorithm changes, yet they always have ways of profiting from niches and doing SEO. I’m on a mailing list of which each email is sent by a different successful affiliate marketers who know what they’re talking about, who sell guides as to how to become successful at it like them. I’m clever enough to know which ones to buy.

I got an email that sold automation software. Automation software apparently earns you money while you sleep by running on auto-pilot. No advertising is required. You know I never brought it. Here’s a quote from the email.

This automates everything for you and allows you to bang out
affiliate sites one after the other. It really handles 99% of what
is needed to launch each site and it does a great job on it too.

I know the creator of this product personally and I am very
comfortable that you will agree with me, that this tool is one of
the best that has come along in a long while, so you should at the
very least check it out here:

Cool! That sounds copy-written and convincing enough to make me click on it. I clicked the link to see what it was. I was surprised by what I found. It was a Lost slash Prison Break slash 24 style video. What intrigued me the most was the line in the voiceover

“All these one button click software that doesn’t work”, says the voiceover. The irony.

affiliate marketers one click software

Here’s a countdown of my top 3 images from the video.

Where does the word "his" come from?


I want to know the person who made that video. Whichever director it is, I want to hire him. He is badass. If you want to buy the automated money making software, or see the video for yourself, you can do so here.

Launch Commission Domination (there is no affiliate link)

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