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Rebranding isn’t an substitute for not marketing

I was doing a survey, and I was asked which of the following designs for Ting drink I liked the best. It’s a carbonated drink made with real Jamaican grapefruit. Below are the options I had to choose from. I chose option B.

4 designs of ting drink

Later on, I was in the corner shop and I noticed the drink there for the first time. It’s not a new drink, so obviously the company must think the drink’s branding is the reason why it isn’t selling well. I looked at the design, and it was the same one I chose, B. This made me think, and raise the question below.

Why run a survey asking which product design is the best, if the best product design is the one you’re currently using? Rebranding isn’t a substitute for not marketing.

I suppose when the company that makes Ting Drink got the results, they looked at the results of the survey, saw that their current design is the people’s favourite one, and then s*** themselves. Silly marketing department!

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